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In this section we introduce the partners of the Malacky Incubator and all networks where the Malacky Incubator is the member.


R I Z    Regional-Innovations-Zentrum NÖ-Ost. (Regional innovation center) is an instution supporting start-up and innovative enterprises in Lower Austria.


- offers advice on starting enterprises and favourable rent for beginning entrepreneurs

- helps in setting out a business plan and follow through in its execution.

- through a network of partners it supports entrepreneurs of the region through necessary information   and procurement of appropriate partners.

- offers comprehensive education.



Office of Industrial Ownership in the Republic of Slovakia                                                                 

(Information centre of the office „innoinfo“ can be found directly in the Malacky Incubator).


- Carries out state administration in the field of proctection of inventions  of prototypes, of topograpchical semi-conductor products, of designs, of trademarks, labeling the origin of products and geographical labeling

- Central patent office and brand documentation, opening to public and acts as a specialized centre for patent information in the Slovak Republic.  

Takes care of international agreements on the protection of industrial ownership, to which the Slovak Republic is bound.

- Supports the development of technicial creations and protects its results, education and popularization in the field of intellectual property.



Department of Management of the Facultry of Pedagogy, Catholic University in Ruzomberok




    biweekly published in Malacky for its citizens and distributed free of charge to all residences in the town of Malacky.


 The Malacky town web page offers entrepreneurs space for promoting their enterprise.


                               An interesting form of advertisement is also in public announcements in town broadcasting. 



 Videotext and teletext with the possibility for the promotion of entrepreneurs.



 Incubator companies can use a 20 % discount for advertising in all Malacky town media, and commerical firms centred in the Malacky Incubator can receive a 10% discount. 




  A regional weekly, with a circulation of 22 000, delivered free of charge to all residences and firms. All incubator firms receive a discount of 30-40%.

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